Use of ICTs in EE and ESD


ICTs have been identified as an enabler tool to help achieving educational goals for young and adult students. The use of new technologies to inform our citizens and educate our children in schools and outside schools about environmental issues, can bring huge impact on making people aware and take actions against the danger our planet is facing today.

Why using ICTs

ICTs help to process, store and access information with ease. Computers have been used for many decades in business and military environment. Various researchers showed that if technology is used efficiently and effectively in education, the outcomes should be very fruitful.


In your respective countries, are computers used efficiently and effectively to educate people about environment issues or other general issues? Are schools with computer laboratories really taking advantage of the power of such electronic equipment for educational purposes? Please give me your thoughts about this issue.

SADC REEP organised an ICT/EE course where participants learnt the techniques of developing digital content for their institutions. How efficient and effective do you think such EE materials will be utilised? For those who went through the course, do you have any plan on how to distribute your digital content to the public?


3 Responses to Use of ICTs in EE and ESD

  1. Maurice says:

    Dear Friends,
    I created this blog as I promised during our last workshop in Howick. Let us use this tool to exchange information and to build regional capacity in ICT and EE/ESD. If you have something to share with other colleagues, please feel free to e-mail your article or post at this e-mail address: and I will publish on this blog for you

  2. Joseph says:

    Thanks a lot Mr Nkusi.. for keeping on your promise i know most of us made promises… but we still yet to implement them…mostly the change projects, leaving that one as open as it is . i just wanted to appreciate these new developments and hope my collegues wiil too see what i see from this.. thanks Maurice

  3. Boris says:

    This is good Mr Maurice.thank u

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