Thank you to the Planet Earth

This article has been downloaded from the site teachersfirst. It’s encouraging all of us to say thank you to the Planet Earth for all the good things it is making available to us.

Begin a new way of thinking with a little gratitude using this site. Encourage others to offer thanks and recognize the gifts from Planet Earth. Each picture that is added to the site creates a ribbon of pictures that will circle the globe. Upload a picture with words of thanks and a pledge of action. See Things You Can do for adults and kids in the About menu. The beauty of the site is simple: no money pledges but simple thanks and action. View the slideshow of pictures and messages. Search messages by location or other criteria. Use the play, pause, and fast forward buttons to stop and advance the ribbon. Use one of their pictures or use your own. To add a picture to the ribbon, enter your name, message, and whether you want your information added to a group or school. Upload your picture from your computer (2MB limit) or choose a planetfesto picture already on the site. Click additional actions listed. Enter your name (if over 18), your location, and email address to edit information later (none of these is required unless you wish to return and edit). Turn the music on or off easily in the upper left. Click on the icons below the ribbon for ideas for the pledge of action.

To access the Planetfesto site, click on the link below:

Click here to access Planetfesto website


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